Did you know? (information you may not know about Evangelicals)


Did you know that:
1.    Ayoub Thabet, President of the Lebanese Republic (1943) was Evangelical?
2.    Faris Bek Al-Khoury, born in Kfer, Hasbaya, the Prime Minister of Syria (1944), was Evangelical?
3.    The Lebanese scholar, Boutros Al-Bustani, participated in the establishment of the first Evangelical Church in Beirut (1848)?
4.    Evangelicals opened the first girls’ school in the Ottoman Empire (1835)?
5.    Evangelicals founded the first school for the blind in the Middle East (1869)?
6.    Evangelicals founded the American University of Beirut, Cairo and Istanbul, the Lebanese American University, Haigazian University, and the Middle East University in Beirut?
7.    Evangelicals founded the first mental hospital in the Middle East (1897)?
8.    Evangelicals contributed to the establishment of the Middle East Council of Churches, which includes the – Maronite, Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Chalcedonian, and Evangelical – families?
9.    Annashra magazine, issued by the National Evangelical Synod in Syria and Lebanon, is the first Arabic magazine (founded in 1863).

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